Objectives, Philosophy, and Goals

Superior Property Management realizes the great importance to the Board of Directors, the Owners, as well as individual residents, of sensitive management reflecting the unique needs of each property.  The services we provide are designed to custom fit the particular requirements of each individual property while encompassing the same basic procedures, controls, and systems we have developed and found successful in all of our properties.

We have the ability to draw on our management, development and construction expertise to find innovative solutions to complicated problems, as well as to effectively and efficiently supervise day-to-day operations.

Our management team works closely with the Board of Directors and/ or apartment Owners, on all aspects of building operations and administration, thereby customizing our service to ensure that the property realizes its fullest potential as a community.

We understand that as a Condominium Board Member or Apartment Building Owner, in order to enjoy your investment, you must have a reliable management team that you can be confident will provide you with a peace of mind in protecting and enhancing your asset.  That is what Superior Property Management is here to do.

Superior Property Management services philosophy is to provide the highest levels of care, concern and professionalism to all condominiums and owners that we serve.  This service extends from the Board to the Owners and to all residents.  This philosophy permeates on through the entire Superior Property Management organization from the owner Robert Poziwilko to the Property Manager to the accounting personnel as well as to the maintenance staff.

The people at the corporate office are there to support our site people in any way possible.  We have specific accounting people assigned to each of our accounts that become familiar with the fiscal side of our properties and who make sure that all financial functions are completed promptly and accurately.  There is a wealth of support personnel to assist our site managers and supervisors.

One of the areas where Superior Property Management stands heads above our competition is in the area of personal attention and communication with Board Members, Owners, residents, staff, visitors and service personnel.  We communicate with our Board and Owners through management reports, monthly financial reports, emails, and memos.